Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hello WORLD!

Everyone dream of that BIG BREAK where things would go autopilot for them in the cashflow department. Here's a look into that department, from an artist point of view.

We artists find that it can be a constant upward battle by doing just what we love, which is produce beautiful works for the masses. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that art have and always been a subjective. You only like what you like. Thus, it's always better to know who our audiences are.

With the internet now, getting that exposure, have been a blessing. We could now sell our services online in places like DesignCrowd and 99designs. We could also sell our artworks, like what I'm doing at the moment, on places like Society6 and RedBubble. Another note is you could be the "go-to" person, like teaching your audiences to draw in a particular sort of style. You can upload tutorial videos on Udemy and earn a good passive income through there OR even continually share your processes on Patreon to get a recurring passive income on a subscription basis.

Anyways, I'll definitely be talking about more passive income ideas for artists like you and me, I hope you find this space useful.